Dr. Steve’s Weekly HealthTips

The Best Chiropractic Weekly HealthTip

This has always been the Best Deal in Chiropractic and now it is even better.  Always new and always cutting edge, and now available in the video format.  Easily custom branded for you to use in the Social Media Networks, your website, YouTube and in you blog.  They were already powerful and now he has taken them to an entire new level.

Not just chiropractic tips, but Dr. Steve’s HealthTip include tips on Aging Well, Good Nutrition, Healthy Children, Healthy Heart, The Business Side of Medicine, and Peak Performance.

Samples of Dr. Steve’s HealthTips

Aging Well News

Why Aging Well news?  Simple just think how many patients and potential patients this will appeal to.

The Business Side of Medicine

Medicine is a business, but unfortunately, believe it or not many people still don’t realize that.  We know that the more people know about the truth about health the more people will take charge of their health.

Good Nutrition

Everyone knows the value of good nutrition.  The problem is that no one knows where to go to get the information they can use.  Now they will know you are that person.

Growing Healthy Together

Health is a family affair.  Treating families is one of the best ways to build your business and have a major impact on your community.  Now you can!

I want the Complete 52 week Video Package including the Video Press Releases, the Nutrition and Lifestyle videos and Dr. Steve’s Weekly HealthTip Videos.  All for only $399.97 for the year.  Thats less than $3.00 a video that you can use for YouTube, your blog, your website and Social Media.  

I want the Complete SYSTEM which includes the Complete 52 week Video Package, my own website, all the Exit Strategy engagement tools, the Doctors Resource, my own marketing coach and all the trainings to get all the new patients I can handle.